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Connecting donors and receivers in Tamil Nadu
We are running many groups for blood donation. If one group is filled, we automatically create the next group. If you share your blood donation need here, we will share it with all of our groups.
So your needs will reach many people in Tamil Nadu, and they will reach you very shortly and immediately in an emergency situation. So please join your friends and family members in this group as well. Thank you.

Group Rules:

⭕️ Anybody can post in this group.

⭕️ Only blood donation requirements and information should be posted.

⭕️ Don't chat with group members. If you want to donate blood to a specific recipient, please respond in private.

⭕️ Don't post unwanted forward messages, links, videos, or photos in the group.

⭕️ Don't say "good morning" or "good night" messages. Avoid normal messages and chats.

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